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Galloway Grill Restaurant, Warwick NY


I would like to take a moment and thank Scott Appel and his team from Gotham Hospitality Solutions.  Scott installed our Future POS system. We were a new restaurant with an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Even though the menu had a wide variety of items it seemed to evolve as we familiarized ourselves with our guests special requests. Gotham's experience was there for us. They programed the pos system to respond to the numerous special requests from our customers. Gotham kept in touch often making sure we were comfortable with the system and offered suggestions as needed. About 6 months after opening we did not really see any new faces in our restaurant. Not long after that point Scott had stopped by for a follow up.  We discussed ways of bringing in more customers.  Scott mentioned the Light House Business Management program that was available through Shift4 and Future POS.  He told us we can use this as a 1st step in bringing current customers back more often and reaching out to new ones. Scott showed us how we can build and send out simple email campaigns without needs for a lot of technical skills. Scott even came in with a stack of information pads and showed the staff how to get email addresses from our customers.  After a short time we were sending out a variety of emails keeping our customer informed.  We started seeing customers that may have come in once or twice a month now coming in more often.  Our breakfast customers started coming back for dinner.  Now they are purchasing entrees, beer and wine. Our sales starting increasing soon after.  The next step was using the Light House Business Management program to organize all of our social media accounts.  The social media is helping find the new customers that have not been in our restaurant just yet. We can’t thank Gotham Hospitality Solutions enough for the personal attention they continue to give us.  They really want us to be successful and thank them for that.  

Thank you